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We provide advisory s for IEO’s and STO’s projects.

Exchange listing

We are going to help you to list your token in the best exchanges aviable on the market.


Coinsby can provide very good networking with exchanges and other services.

Exchanges we work with

Important details for listing

How much money you collect during ico?

The first question a exchange puts is "How much money did you collect in ICO ?, this amount is important and is used to calculate the listing price.

Market value

The market value is very important for each exchange, also daily number of transaction. Each exchange will set financial criteria to be followed after listing.

Listing price

Prices differ from project to project, may start from 7 Bitcoin to 200 Bitcoin, each exchange has his own listing price for each project.

What type of coin is your token

In general, most coins are developed on the Ethereum ERC 20 platform, other coins are developed on other platforms, the cost of listing varies depending on the platform on which the currency was created.

Community & Users

All exchanges are interested in the number of real users of the product - Token, the number of social media followers and the product's popularity.

Due diligence report

Each exchange in part will do a coin audit, every exchange has its own rules. Not all coins are going to be acepted.

our expertise

Good networking

We have a strong partnership with several large cryptocurrency exchanges.

We understand market

We have 4 years experience in the crypto industry and we understand the market and our clients needs very well

Fast delivery

Time is a very precious asset, we undestand that very well, for that our focus is to provide fast answers and solutions to our clients.

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